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Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Jun 20 2017 If your company has employees, you are required to buy workers' compensation insurance. Some states do allow people to opt out of the system if they can prove financial responsibility, but that is only in two or three states in the entire country. If you have... more

Five Gaps in Coverage for Many Small Businesses

Jun 13 2017 According to the latest surveys by major insurers, small to medium sized businesses have a number of critical gaps in their insurance coverage. The reasons for gaps vary; not fully understanding how certain coverage applies to their business, buying insurance... more

Management Liability Facts You Need To Know

Jun 7 2017 We live in world where lawsuits are common. Private firms are no longer immune from litigation from employees, competitors and even the government. Management or professional liability insurance is not just good business; it is as necessary as heat and... more

Does Your California Business Need an Insurance Review?

May 21 2017 Benefits of a Business Insurance Review Every California business, at some time, should have their business insurance reviewed by an independent insurance agent like Jewell Insurance. If it has been more than a year since your last review, now may be a good... more

California Professional Liability

May 15 2017 Most businesses purchase general liability insurance to protect their businesses against certain kinds of claims. These claims could include bodily injury and property damage. It is very important for businesses to understand the difference between ... more

Flood Insurance

May 15 2017 If the unthinkable happens, Robert Bell Insurance understands that your most valuable assets are more than just items on a balance sheet. That information is critical during a time of catastrophe. Sites to Check Out The following sites are additional... more

How California Workers’ Compensation Is Designed To Work

May 10 2017 California Workers' Compensation Insurance Workplace accidents occur every day in. Even if your Texas business has an excellent safety program, people get injured. Many times people who are injured at work need time to recover. Thankfully, there is workers'... more

Earthquake Insurance

Apr 28 2017 We receive questions almost everyday about what Earthquake (EQ) covers and what EQ does not cover. We thought it might be interesting to continue this discussion by highlighting areas that EQ does not cover. Whether you should buy earthquake insurance depends... more

Why You Need A Personal Umbrella Policy

Apr 22 2017 Home, auto, motorcycle and other policies are designed to protect your property and your personal liability if you are involved in an accident or some other situation where you may be held responsible. Personal Umbrella A personal umbrella is designed to... more

What is Cost of Risk?

Apr 14 2017 This article is a continuation of our series on creating a new way of thinking about insurance. As you consider your Fallbrook business insurance, we invite you to think about this subject in the much larger spectrum of "Total Cost of Risk". Your Fallbrook ... more

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