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Home Playground Safety

from Robert Bell Insurance Brokers

by Michael Bell on Mar 25, 2015

It may not seem like it, but warmer weather is on the way.  However, even in this recent cold weather, our kids need a safe place to play. Whether you have indoor play equipment, or outdoor play equipment, you need to make sure all your play equipment is safe for your children.

Home Playground Facts- Source Consumer Products Safety Corporation

  • 200,000 children are injured each year from home playground equipment.
  • 15 children die annually as a result of these injuries.
  • 60% of all injuries are caused by falls to the ground.

Make Sure Your Equipment Is Safe

  1. Check your equipment every year. Replace any worn out parts; “S” hooks on swings are a particular issue.
  2. Never let children swing from trees using homemade equipment.
  3. For swings and other similar equipment, make sure landing surfaces are 5 to 9 inches of wood chips. Do not use gravel or bark dust.
  4. Teach children how to properly use play equipment.
  5. Remember, many trampolines are excluded from your homeowner’s policy.
  6. Never use nails to build wooden structures.
  7. Check for hot metal surfaces, such as slides, on equipment which could cause burns.
  8. Make sure platforms have proper guard rails.
  9. Swing seats should be made from soft material, not wood or metal.
  10. Remind children that pushing, shoving or crowding can be dangerous.

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