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San Diego Homeowner’s Insurance Pitfalls

from Robert Bell Insurance Brokers

by Michael Bell on Sep 20, 2015

San Diego Homeowner’s Insurance

When was the last time you actually read your homeowner’s insurance policy? Finding the right homeowner’s insurance is one of the most important things you can do to adequately protect your family. When most people think of damage to their homes, they tend to only think of fire or theft. But there are many other ways your home and family could be at risk.

Homeowner’s insurance policies can be expanded to include additional limits for the following:

  • Barns and other structures - These are not automatically included.
  • Jewelry - All policies have limitations on the value of jewelry. If you have items over $1,500 in value you will need to have your policy endorsed to ensure coverage.
  • Liability insurance - Liability coverage typically starts at $100,000; you should buy at least $300,000.
  • Sewer backup – You will need to make sure your policy has sewer backup coverage. Some online policies don’t include this coverage.
  • Household workers – If you have part-time domestic workers, your standard homeowner’s policy will not cover this. You will need a workers’ compensation policy.
  • Art and collections – If you have expensive art, coins, stamps, or gun collections, your standard coverage may not be enough.  We recommend that you contact our office today for a review.
  • Most homeowners should consider having a guaranteed cost replacement clause in their policy, so if the home is damaged beyond repair, the policy would cover the cost it would take to rebuild the home. But some homeowners have policies that only offer the original value of the home.

Buying Homeowner’s Insurance

Remember, each homeowner’s insurance policy is different, and if you bought your homeowner’s insurance online, you may not have proper coverage.

Robert Bell Insurance Brokers can help you determine which of severalcompanies we represent will best meet your needs and provide the most valuable combination of tailored homeowner insurance coverage, quality service and fair pricing.


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