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The Shake Rattle & Roll Of Earthquake Insurance

from Robert Bell Insurance Brokers

by Michael Bell on Sep 11, 2015

Once there is any activity…. It will be too late

Earthquakes are part of everyday life in California. And every California business should consider earthquake insurance. The potential cost of earthquakes has been growing because of increasing urban development in seismically active areas and the vulnerability of older buildings, which may not have been built or upgraded to current building codes.

Nearly all business owners buy fire insurance, but the likelihood of suffering significant damage by earthquake is far greater than fire. Policies can include losses from mud slides and sink holes if the earthquake was the original event.

Earthquake Insurance deductibles are a percentage of the policy's limit. So if, for example, your policy has a $100,000 limit and the deductible is 20 percent, you must pay $20,000 out of pocket before your benefits kick in.

Reasons to buy earthquake insurance

  • Excellent financial ratings of insurers
  • Outstanding customer service
  • We are experts in the earthquake market
  • Without the coverage you are not insured 

Other Business Policies That Cover Earthquake 

  • Commercial Auto - Most standard commercial auto policies cover loss or damage from earthquakes. This can include damage from falling debris, fire, or other events.
  • Workers' Compensation - Injury to employees while at work by an earthquake is covered under workers' compensation insurance.

We are dedicated to providing the highest level of professional service for your insurance needs by maintaining a high level of quality and rapid service, without overlooking issues that may cause gaps in coverage. We are committed to providing competitive pricing and complete comprehensive coverage, as well as a high standard of service for more than 30 years.

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