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by Michael Bell on Jul 13, 2016

We have all been following the issues with Hillary Clinton using a personal email system for Government business. The risks associated with allowing employees to use personal devices for business raises serious questions that your business should consider.

The Wall Street Journal recently ran an article on this topic and it opened many eyes. Should you allow employees to use their own laptops, tablets, and mobile devices to do company work?  It is a question without a definite answer. 

Many companies are restricting the use of cell phones out of fear that unapproved pictures of employees could lead to workplace harassment issues. For example, if an employee takes photographs of co-workers without their permission, the photos or videos could amount to sexual harassment or an invasion of privacy.

Security is one of the biggest and most significant challenges in today’s business world. If your business needs to be HIPAA compliant, allowing employees to use personal devices may be a real challenge. With multiple employees using multiple devices, it’s difficult to meet both compliance and security standards, particularly for companies in industries that must adhere to certain security measures. There is also the risk of employee devices containing sensitive data falling into the wrong hands.

What happens when an employee leaves the firm? Any data or communication stored on their personal devices may be impossible to retrieve. This can be particularly problematic in sales environments, when employees often leave to go to work for competitors, but still have access to their previous company’s contacts and information. 

It will be important for businesses to educate employees on the risks and dangers of using personal technology for business, and then implement a strict use policy.

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