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by Michael Bell on Sep 11, 2016

Pokémon Go Creates Personal Liability

There are many new games that people are playing on their smart phones. Next time you are out, just look around and you will likely see someone looking at his or her phone while walking.  If you watch long enough you may see them walk into a wall, someone else, or even right into the street!

If you play games like Pokémon Go, you may need to review your insurance to make sure you are protected.  Here the kinds of insurance you will need.

Health Insurance - People are being injured because of playing games on their smart phones.  Recent reported injuries have included walking into traffic, falling into a pond, and walking through a glass door.

Auto Insurance - Many people actually break the law and play games while driving.  Almost all states require that vehicle owners and drivers carry auto liability insurance to cover personal injuries to third parties.

Identity Theft - Your smart phone and all the data are at risk while playing these games.  While you are playing these games, the data in your phone is exposed to hackers.  See related

Home or Renters Insurance - While you are out tracking down the ever-elusive Pikachu, you can have some peace of mind that if a thief breaks into your home, you are protected.  If you damage someone else’s property, your renter, or homeowner’s insurance will provide protection.

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